It was initially the physical intensity that drew Marley to her first yoga class in 2001. Over the years the practice has transformed into a way to unify body, mind and spirit. In 2006. Marley received her first 200 hr training through Corepower Yoga. Since then she has completed over 600 additional hours of training including in Forrest Yoga, Prana Flow, Thai Massage, and is currently completing her 500 hour certification with Janet Stone.

Marley’s classes are rooted in offering students an opportunity to explore and challenge themselves in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. She encourages mindful awareness in sequences that are both creative and purposeful. At the core of her classes is the belief that an exceptional experience on the mat stems from the teacher’s ability to blend their own studentship with the principles of traditional Yoga while allowing space for the students to interpret and evolve in their own way. Whether looking for a physically dynamic experience or time to internally pause within the heart, Marley supports each student’s unique intention.

” I love yoga . I LOVE yoga. I love YOGA! I took my first class in 2001 and after a few years of flirtation yoga became my main squeeze. I was blessed to teach in Denver, CO for 6 years with Corepower Yoga where I learned a lot both on and off of the mat. The greatest lesson was what an incredible sense of community and friendship is available within a yoga community.

In 2011 I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa with Off the Mat, Into the World to volunteer with several non-profits I had spent the previous year raising over $20,000 for. Fortuitously one of my teachers and original owners of CPY had just opened a studio in Cape Town several months earlier and needed teachers. After a little interim time in India being totally horrified, astonished, and blissed out, often all at the same time, I moved to Cape Town where I taught full time and developed and led the 200 hour teacher training for YogaLife the next 3 years. In 2014 I moved to Tampa, FL to be with my family without really knowing anyone else or having any type of plan. I started teaching for several local studios and eventually developed and ran a 200hr. teacher training for Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation.

Currently I am at Kodawari Yoga Studio teaching full time including trainings, workshops and retreats. Along with some of my Omies we are starting a non-profit called TeachPeace, an organization dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to under-served and at-risk communities.”




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