Heading back for Year 7 to the most magical place on earth! Please join Marley Vigdorth for a week of soul-filled yoga, food, and community all on your own private island off the coast of Greece.

Retreats run June 2nd-8th and June 9th-15th.
We start each morning with 2 hours of vinyasa flow integrating breathwork, mantra, and guided meditation. Evening sessions will flow between restorative yoga, yoga nidra and thai massage.

Meals are all organic and locally sourced, cooked by our incredible hosts Lissa and Corne. It’s so good they had to make their own cookbook by popular demand. The lovely Katerina offers soul-healing disguised as the greatest shiatsu massage you will ever experience.

The Island itself cannot be described, only experienced. Suffice to say there is a reason they’ve been recognized by all the top travel magazines. Your free time can be spent lying in a hidden hammock, swimming in the sea, kayaking around the island and a skinny-dip at night in the phosphorescence is life changing.

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Soulful Spring Yoga Retreat
with Gretchen Hickmott and Marley Vigdorth
March 28th-31st 2019
Santa Fe Lake
Immerse yourself in the savoring of your senses and becoming more attuned to your intuition!

We will call upon awakening the awareness of how the 5 senses can not only lead us into greater presence and appreciation for the now but also support the expansion of your intuition. We’ll explore how each of the 5 senses have a relationship with the 5 elements through the morning and evening yoga practices with Marley. As you clarify your connection to each of the 5 senses and the 5 elements your ability to discern how they communicate intuitive messages through your body deepens.

Gretchen will guide you through lecture, meditation and group work into uncovering how you can wake up and expand your intuitive abilities through greater intimacy with the 5 senses. Teaching you how to access and communicate with your own sacred symbols, totems, and soul language through sensory explorations you will develop greater trust and respect for the great ally that is your intuition.

The retreat includes:
-3 nights stay on Santa Fe Lake
-5 yoga classes integrating vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, breathwork, mudra and mantra/kirtan
-lecture and meditation supporting intuitive development, learning symbolic language, and working with totem animals each day
-prior to the retreat each participant will receive a 30 minute intuitive reading with Gretchen to be expanded upon at the retreat
-Sunday morning field trip to The Temple of the Universe to hear Michael Singer speak
-all vegetarian meals freshly made (water, tea and coffee will be readily available. Alcohol is not included but please feel free to bring a few bottles of wine if you like!)

The house we are staying at is on Santa Fe Lake in Waldo, Fl. Just a 2.5 hour drive from Tampa! There are 2 kayaks at the house, a pool table, and a huge yard to practice and play in!
There are no single room options, each bedroom will have 2-4 attendees

Bedroom 1: 2 queen beds (shared or single)
Bedroom 2: 1 queen bed (can be shared or single) 1 twin bunk bed
Bedroom 3: 1 double, 1 twin, 1 bunk bed bottom full, top twin
Bedroom 4: 1 King bed (must be shared)
pricing between $450-$650

please email for booking details!

Gretchen is an integrative consciousness counselor, intuitive guide, and teacher of sacred symbolic language.
Each of us is a world of animated medicine stories and long soul memory. Her work is a journey into these deep inner spaces.
Here, we can educate and shift the subconscious, nourish the soul, and learn to co-create with the world around us in greatly empowered ways. Her work is informed by twenty years of trauma and addictions counseling, professional art practice, and deep explorations of shamanic style journeying with others through their own unique soul lessons. Gretchen is a practitioner of Astrology, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Animal Totem Medicine and is certified through the World Metaphysical Association as an intuitive guide. Gretchen conducts sessions, education courses, and workshops internationally. She’s also very funny and Canadian.

Marley Vigdorth has been teaching yoga since 2006. She integrates the power of fluid vinyasa, mantra, mudra, meditation, sound healing and yoga nidra to inform a more cohesive experience of Self with her students.

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